Drinks and the art of not getting drunk

yesterday was like 4 days in one.

Up early to hit the outlets with mom. I am broke but needed something cute and not office wear for drinks with the dancers.

Back home again. Errands for the week done inside of an hour. It was time to go to my first ever munch.

I recognized a couple of people. The rigger from my last party. It’s so funny because in vanilla world he’s someone you could pass on the streets a million times and take no notice. He’s quite, plain and has very little personality.

The host was a very sweet older man that I could remember from parties in my 20’s. He introduced me to everyone and we chatted a bit. Honestly they were nice but very much a band of misfits. Again no number gotten. Problem was Sir said it needed to be a worthy girl. Out of about 20 people only 5 girls. One looked ….. Very mentally unstable. 3 were not my type and the other one was…..scary. She looked dirty, like not showered or eaten in weeks. She had on short shorts and was bruised from her ankles to … Well her whole body they were the dirt that were permant. I had my one drink then walked to get some dinner.

A couple of hours to unwind, then back in the shower for my night time drink. A very quite, sexy lounge. Dancer o came in alone, nothing but a red silk sundress, looking as though she stepped out of a travel magazine. Dance l followed in a seersucker suit and fedora. They made a beautiful couple. Hugs and kisses hello. Only about 2 hours, but much discussed and it was nerve racking, but I kept thinking, well she’s already fucked you, so why are you nervous.

Back home after midnight and sir said I earned an o. Too tired to enjoy, I’ll be able to cum later.

On a practice note, visit 4 today to try to get my phone and Internet fixed….fml. They better get here soon, I have a 9am meeting! 

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