Long time cuming….

Yet another day that was many in one.

The Internet company made me late for work. Then I was more productive to make up for it than ever. Home in time to change and make yoga.

After yoga some more internet stuff. Bad news from the poor queen. My heart aches for her and her family.

Before tuck in Sir promised I’d from yesterday. He had finished his work and said he was taking a quick shower to edge with the hitachi until he was done. 109 edges later, hitting subspace twice, a drooling mess picked up the phone. Sir had asked multiple times if I wanted pain or toys….I had no idea. It had been sooo long I just wanted release, any way that pleased him. He decided toys. Plugged I gagged on the dildo for him, so long since I’ve had cock in my mouth. Then into my cunt it went. My muscles clutching around it the tears came as my holes filled. My slave coming back after so long away. Fucking both holes hard I came loosing count some where in the teens.

I tried to tell sir when it was over my holes still pulsed. After such a long period of denial, I needed that.

Sweet words of praise as I lay on the floor the tears still coming. Crying but feeling perfect. My thought of missing him, that’s all, not wanting him to fuck me or go on adventures, just missing the quite times with him.

After I came back I told him I at one point thought I had hitachied my clit off! I even checked to make sure it was still there because after about 100 edges it goes numb.

Up and ready for another busy day. Knowing Sir and I will be together this weekend.

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