Yesterday after yoga little R and I went shopping. I told her about an even im going to with the queen and I’m searching for just the right outfit. After 5 little clothes stores….nothing.

I did convince her to get an ama Ing white summer floor length dress, that when I finally drop this winter weight I’m stealing.

So into Victoria secret we go. They had a beautiful black lace retro as she calls them ” sex outfits”. In the dressing room for an opion, she fully undresses and in only her fashion gives me a teasing little lap dance.

So is because not even a small part of me was turned on. Instead what I noticed is she has exactly my body from 10 years ago. She also said now that you can see I have to work on this part…that part and why am I getting this little tummy??? I wanted to tell her she’s perfect. That she needs to enjoy what she has before age and life destroys it. 

Today’s shopping trip was postponed and I’m glad of it. I have to run around getting Sirs favorite things for his visit. Finally clean the house, not that it’s ever messy, I just never had the chance to clean, clean it and I need to make a bunch of calls I’ve had no chance too.

No meeting today! (Knock on wood) only a weeks worth of paperwork to do😭

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