tonight drained me….in many ways.

Lol first it drained my wallet. It drained my mind. It drained my self esteem. It tired my body.

There’s a long story, but honestly Sir got most of it through phone calls, so there’s no need to recount it.

I wish sometimes I could not have empathy. Life would be easier.

Tomorrow I will be wrapped in my Sirs arms, happy, whole and… Not needed, but more wanted. I’ve not felt wanted in a very long time. 

I’m tipsy and tired but so… Alone.

I don’t want play partners or fine weather friends or kinky companions, I miss my close friends. The ones I can tell everything too. We’ve all separated, one married, one pregnant and most secretly married the other with a new group of more hip friends and me…..alone in bklyn.

Drink me wants to write “fuck you all and your perfect lives”, but nah, I’m just still me, still here… Wishing in some ways I could go back and appricate them more before they all dissapeared.

I know we may still have an occasion birthday celebration, but I feel like they … Moved on 

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