A nice night with Sir

We met after work at a local link friendly bar with little R. Some good conversation and a ginger ale for this sick slave.

Onto pizza for them and some more nice talks. I walked her to the bus stop and saw her home.

Side note: our alarms went off for our weekly happy tuesday call. We told her about our little mushy moment. It was nice to be together.

Back home. Not feeling well I had still not eaten. Lots of water but my tummy not wanting any food. sir made me have a yougert and some fresh watermelon. 

In the kitchen Sir iced my nipples and cunt, I’m still a bit sore from this past Saturday’s adventures. On my knees, Sir put his cock in my mouth. It has been so long. I was afraid that I could not perform up to my usual standard, but with in a minute I could hear Sors happy moans as he grabbed my hair and fucked my face hard. When he came it was a good hard, long cum, me sucking every bit out and him on the floor with me. It really gave me so much joy to be able to please him after all of the o’s this trip and him not having the opportunity to get them in return.

After he was hungry, so the first meal was cooked on the new stove. We sat and chatted a bit and Sir seeing how tired I was, put me to bed.

I woke to him sleeping soundly. A sweet email and a thank you for a blow Job well done.

Health wise I’m even worse than yesterday. When I get like this, it sticks around for about a week or so. Today and tomorrow will be the worst of the days, but I’m accustom to this. It’s an every summer issue. Glass half full- I usually drop my winter weight.

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