Purge night

So … I used to think I was a mashocist. Well in the past month since moving here I have stumbled upon a much different group of them.

I know this fear and overthinking I’m in is a result of my poor ass, but I have truley seen some (pardon my French) shit I can’t unsee tonight on fet. The stuff nightmares are made of, that happened a mere few blocks away, at a gathering I was no less invited to.

What happen to ssc?? There not a damn thing safe about any of this. I must repeat mentally …your kink is not mine and that’s ok, but,ugh, (insert bad gagging noise). 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…lol, I really should have the Internet taken away from me!!! 

I will never look at my stapler again the same way. I may just throw it out.

6 thoughts on “Purge night”

      1. Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of shell shock there too. Sometimes it’s just RACK. But I swear, I wish there was a way to flag the photos with a warning label.

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  1. How do you know you can’t go there until you have tried? Yes, that is a serious question. When you deign to say what you can endure you limit what you can experience. Sure, I know that sounds stupid in view of what you have fears about but seriously, to criticize a scene when you don’t know if you can or cannot do it? How do you know that the next dom can’t take you there and bring you back?


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