Revenge of the ex’s

just now sitting here thinking….

And tonight clicks…..

I’m talking to a domme, neither one of us sexually attracted, but seeking friendship. We both accept we are wired differently, we are bi, with serious issues with the majority of the females in our lives. Trading stories of our wacky ex’s. 

As I tell her a brief tale of crazy female m….the phone vibrates. Yup, just like saying candy man 3x’s … It’s her.

She moved and on a large group text was sending out an announcement. 

When I looked at my phone a short while ago I had a text from a number not in my phone book. A simple congrats on your move. I text back thank you, no name came up, who is this? I get nothing….so against my better judgement I look at the numbers on her group message. It’s one of them. I ask her if she knows who that is? 

She starts running some story that it’s her cousin…saying it was connected to the group message….NOPE. A lie, number one million from her. It was directly to my phone.

Then I think of the story I told tonight.

Shortly after I ended it with the ex Dom, his old girlfriend, let’s say “best” friend one requests me on face book. Now I move and a mystery number (from his area code) looking familar, sends me this text. So I’m guessing that when I ended it, he went running to them.

Again girls and drama. I won’t get sucked in…I had a choice to make. I could feed into the drama or delete the messages. I chose to be an adult, messages deleted. I will not feed into my ex’s crap and drama. I have enough going on in my own head. There is no room for them.

To anyone else I would say this is jumping to conclusions, but I’ve been here before. Allowing the three of them to manipulate me. I’m done with it. 

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