do people make 9:30 meetings and then forget they have jury duty.

Today and basically the rest of the week is meeting and all work type stuff.

Plus I have to deal with my very child like mother after work. Normally I would be totally stressed, but I’m at the I don’t really give a flying f stage with her. Long story, lol, like 30+ years long and ……blah x3

After that a drink with a local girl. I’m not getting my hopes up, it’s just easier that way. So far everyone I’ve met here is a little off. Hard to explain, but I don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling about anyone I’ve met in my new neighborhood. 

Great note: C surprised me with tickets to Pr for this winter. She got a great deal and we have a place to stay for free! I haven’t had a real vacation in forever…..

I wasn’t sure permission wise the rules about vacations, but when I called Sir he was so happy for me and I was relieved. The thought of my ass in the sand and a drink in my hand in the middle of winter is a wonderful thing!!

So I guess it’s karma, I held my temper yesterday and didn’t explode due to my mothers foolishness and in return I got a wonderful gift.

Sir and I talked last night and I’m glad he knows, even when I spaz out I’m greatful to him. I will make it a point of saying thank you (minus the eye roll) more often. Not empty thank yous, but when I am truly thankful I will acknowledge it. 

Ugh… More meetings 

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