My first date with a girl

We had made plans to meet a couple of times before and life got in the way as it often does. So last night we decided even though we both had stuff going on we would go for a drink.

First place was too hot outside and too loud inside. A couple of blocks down to the bar the local munch is held at. The same bartender was there and descretely mentioned he recognized me from being there before pointing towards the back where the munches are held.

We sat and chatted and the place was pretty empty. The three of us shared some dating and traveling stories. Then she told him about meeting her boyfriend and how now she’s out on a date with me. 

It’s always so weird to try to determine what constitutes a date these days. Her saying that really shocked me, but oddly put me at ease.

We finished our night a bit past my bed time. She drove me the couple of blocks home and for the first time ever I made the first move and kissed her. It’s funny, with other woman im coy, not always submissive but more chicken to make the first move.

Men are a different story. I can think of so many times I had been the Agressive one, once I even threw a guy up against a brick wall in the city and kisses him, but no, I’ve never had that confidence with a woman.

I think it was a combination of a few things.

 She was so open and secure in the fact that yes she had a boyfriend and on there third date she told him very bluntly that she also likes woman and that will never change. It was refreshing to be with someone so unashamed of her sexuality. 

Getting the gym girls phone number helped to boost my confidence, weather she’s straight or not make not a bit of difference. It was my ability to talk to a new girl I had no prior relationship with.

Lastly, Sir… I’m starting to become secure in the fact that unlike the men in my past he is really ok with me liking woman… Lol, well not liking for the most part, but being attracted to them. 

Its been 7 months and there are still parts of our relationship that I have to…. Digest. After a lifetime of men thinking my sexuality and needs were at first wonderful, there was always a point where all of that would change and I’d go from being me to a whore and then I would shut down all of my wants/needs to become what they wanted. Even with Sirs guidence I don’t feel like he is making me what he wants, more he is helping me to be ok with who I am. Luckily I think the me I’ve been hiding all these years is a person he does like.

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