Rain and stuff

So far I’ve been caught in the rain twice today. I’m sleepy and between heat and now rain I just want to crawl back into bed.

No such luck as I have a really important meeting at 10.

Tonight will be more gym time, then a friend coming over for a quick drink.

Really not much going on as I have to stay totally focused on work and routine.

A happy note, my missing leathers may have been found from the last party. Gives me a little hope that even though the crowd was scary maybe they weren’t thieves.

Sir went to bed before me, so my night was pretty empty. I did get an amazing “dress” for his next visit. Little R even though she claims to be afraid of D/s, she is really good at picking out clothes appropriate for events.

I’m not sure that right now I have the confidence to wear it out, but I’m hoping with enough trips to the gym that will change.

lol, with the thunder rumbling, my only hope to get out of here is a brown out….praying the computers go down so I can get some much needed rest.

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