Good hurts

i used to work out anywhere from 16-20 a week. I did this for years, first as a dancer, then as a disgusted 30 something going through a separation. I was highly dedicated. I was depressed and it was the only way to stop my brain. I stopped this routine a couple of months before I met Sir. The reason? In the middle of a pillates class I got up off the mat…boom, my knee dislocated. An old injury that I hadn’t had act up in a decade! Out of the gym for almost 6 weeks.

Sir asked last night when was the last time I had a four or a two pack stomach and sadly it was last year. I wore my cousin (the track stars)bikinis.

So this year I’m back in one peices and tankinis, but I’m not depressed and my knee is not as bad as it was….that brings me to yesterday.

A free class from someone handing out cards on the street. An all girls gym with Pilates, ballet bar and about 10 other classes I used to take when I worked in the city. This time I’m going to do it right. Sir knowing my type a nature is going to help me to not go over 12 hours a week. At my worst when I was depressed I was upwards of 16 hours a week….the worst part was that was inside of a 5 day period.

After a year of being uninspired by 4 different gyms I think I’ve found a place that will build me back up and I’m going to really try not to overthink it or become obsessed. Again I’m still seeking balance and the return of a much flatter tummy!

Last night n came over. No play (light kissing and touching but nothing else) but really open and honest conversations. That’s not to say if we are in different setting there’s not a possibility, but for now it was nice to have a long talk with a friend that understands.

That bring me to S. We’ve never “met” but I feel as though I’ve always known her. I feel as though in many ways I have been her. She will have no nickname, just an initial in this blog.

I could write all day, but even though it’s Friday I still have to do at least a little work.

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