Poor baby

yesterday was field trip day.

After work little R and I headed to the city. I had 2 birthday presents and a bottle of lube to procure. She wanted sex shoes.

So I (really should have rethought my choice) said lets go to purple passion. To me nothing that I thought would terrify her. I mean it’s mostly clothes and she’s fine with that. We walk in and to the lube I go. They don’t carry my normal, so I’m hoping what I got is good.

Then we start going through racks. Sir said I have to get a school girl skirt for the next party. The only one was in a 4x. So I put that back. Then I found a daring one peice lots of mesh and even a ass zipper, but at 100 bucks I decided I’d rather not bounce my rent check.

She had lots of…what’s this what’s that questions. All normal. Then this poly family started to follow us. I thought nothing of it. They held no appeal so I was polite but gave off the not in a hundred years vibe. Little R was getting the creeps as we went to pay. She had a question about the classes and I told her take the list and I’ll explain outside. At this point we were all at the register and I stepped a few feet away to look at some metal shackles. 

Then she decided to look in the lower case and…. Ugh, asked what’s that. I said you don’t want to know, it’s not for us. Everyone had a little chuckle when she said but he bracelets next to them are pretty. I said no honey they are not!

We let the store and she was going on about the poly family and such. Then she started pressing about the bottom shelf. Against my better judgement I told her. It was a medical play kit. I told her only what one tool was used for and she freaked….had a total meltdown on the street. I explained that’s not at all my link not anything I would ever want to see. 

Then she said to call Sir. Lol poor sir thought she was being funny at first but nope, she was truley scared. It took lots of hugs and Taco Bell to calm her down. If only she realized what a little she really is. 

So I broke out my old iPod and we walked and sang and she made fun of my schizo tastes in music.

We went to the Morgan and the library on fifth, strolled grand central and i progressively got sucker from the heat. My only goal was hold it together and get us both home. 

So in the train and finally in some ac we settled in for the semi long trip home.

Being at the Morgan without Sir was weird, wrong in some way. He sent me an email saying he was looking at our pictures and next trip we would do another artsy thing. That made me happier than 50 o’s because that’s what I was also thinking.

Off to a day filled with friends and pampering, then to the pool to relax. 

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