floating with the plug in my slave hole.

Sirs good whore my cunt making a puddle.

I dream the same dream over and over. Tied and bound unable to move with my blindfold on. Many people all using me and Sir whispers what a good whore and slave I am.

I am used and Sir takes off the blindfold to see the look in my eyes. A woman licking my clit and he counts backwards….I cum over and over as I see the joy in his face as he spreads her wide and starts fucking her. We all move to the motion he is setting. I continue to cum….I keep cuming until he does and he cum all over my face. 

But it’s not over. The good whore in me is just waking up and I take cock after cock as Sir holds me and I beg and cry. 

Then I’m told to ride a beautiful girl with a strapon laying on her tit to tit. Another woman taking my slave hole with an even larger strapon. 

He watches happy as I beg…. Crying and kissing her tits needing him to say “cum”. He says wait just a little while. A vibrator to my clit and he puts the clovers on. All of me begging, sir puts his cock in my mouth fucking my face as the girls fuck me. I cum and collapse shaking and floating knowing I am his slave, used and happy.

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