Oh monday

to anyone that knows me it won’t come as a surpise that I hate Monday’s. 

It’s the reminder that I need to adult (yes adult is a verb I do often) and the relaxation of the weekend is gone. I am lucky that at this job, at least during the summers Monday’s are pretty slow. All of upper management takes off, so nothing much gets done.

Yesterday Sir gave me a nice little reminder of who I am. Sometimes when life gets busy and the to do list gets long, my slave side takes a backseat. 

AUGUST in general is a real b..ch for me. The weather makes me feel like my insides are cooking. More than that it’s also the month that I lost many family members. So instead of being grumpy or sad, I remember the good. In one weeks time, my nana celebrated her birthday, wedding anniversary and lost her decade long fight. So next paycheck I will celebrate her, I’ll go out, buy a new lipstick and a trashy romance novel, put the lipstick on crack open the book, beer in hand and get some sun. I’ll think of all of the great things she taught me. How to bake and clean and most importantly how to be a strong woman who’s classy, but… Sometimes a little trashy…..and always to be true to who you are. Very young she told me life isn’t about money or a career. The goal was security and to surround yourself with people to love. 

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