Doctor Sir

Fir all of my moaning about monday, it really wasn’t that bad of a day. I did all of my “omg I’m going to die of boredom” work, so it’s off my plate.

I left a few minutes after 4, since my coworker I was covering came back. Poor guy was still sitting there typing away when I left.

Then home, had a nice chat with Sir. We looked at dates for visits and we both have lots of vanilla obligations and such in August. Also the weather…so it looks like it will be a play it by ear month for us. I miss him, but I don’t want him to see me sick again. It’s much better when we can cuddle and be mushy. I think I had such a melt down after the last visit because the play party was so intense and I was so sick, I couldn’t get the cuddles my heart needs to make everything else ok.

Off to the new gym. A half an hour of cardio and 15 minted of weights followed by an hour of yoga.

Now it wasn’t as hard as my crazy lady class, but much better than most I’ve been to around here. I even came home and cooked a really healthy balance lite dinner.

S sent me a picture of her dress. Just two weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited!

A long bath and then into bed to watch a show on the iPad. (Story about that later)

Then a sweet good night from Sir. I was exhausted. 

I just couldn’t sleep…my body too tired, oddly my mind wasn’t racing, but it was not still. The noise from the ac was tormenting me. Ac off and a nice cool breeze, then, damn I had to pee, back in bed, but I couldn’t find a comfy spot. I texted Sir, not wanting to bother him, if he was sleeping.

A few minutes later, he called.

I couldn’t pin point for him why I was up, so Sir said to put the hitachi on my clit and lay on it. The large part at my hole and the smaller perfectly aligned on my clit, in moments I was moaning and crying, Sir speaking, but no memory of his words other than you can cum, but only once. I came in an explosive manner. Then he said just my fingers one more time. I floated. Turned into my back and enjoyed the breeze on my naked body, spread eagle and feeling just about perfect. Sir said to see if I could sleep, I tried to say goodnight and thank you, but… I’m pretty certain it was mumbles. I laid there just being and in moments I was fast asleep.

Thank you doctor Sir, experiment was a success. 

So the conclusion, when your slave girl has a good day, but can’t fall asleep….the prescription is a soothing Dom voice, oh and a great hitachi orgasm!

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