Cranky Slave

i feel asleep just slightly buzzed.

Yesterday’s girls night out was amusing. Stories of anal and toys and threesomes, yes all with very vanilla girls, me being the oldest by some years. I toned down my stories as to not scare the civilians.

We discussed our attempts to stay warm or cool by heating or freezing our bras… Then I blurted out ” I sometimes put my chains in the fridge”. Ok, maybe that crossed the line, but everyone laughed.

Last night I dreamt of long winter cuddles with Sir. Having a wet cunt, used happy and safe. Now I’m cranky.

I realized in the way to work that I need to work on just being. I always look ahead, I’m starting to think that is starting to ruin the “now”. 

Nothing much going on today…. Some work to do and the long awaited return to barre class. 

Hope Sir has a little private time later. My mind and cranky mood needs to be reset. I need pain and pleasure and his words to sooth me. I need to make his cock hard and cry. Tears…. It’s what I need to make my head feel better.

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