That show from monday

so another thing that I guess added to the weirdness of my mood was a show. Now it’s by no means a “good” show but I watch it any way. It’s based on a trilogy of books.

Now these books hold really bad/good memories for me.

So I’m guessing that added to the me I’m feeling right now. Oddly besides the ex’s these were the last books I was able to read. My mind just shut down after. To much trauma, too many feelings.

I don’t feel like opening this wound again today, but I wanted to…..remind myself of the little things that made me…whatever it is I currently am.

My mind is floating with no direction today. Not an ounce of type a ….. Work will not be my escape…..damn someone answer that phone!!!!

My office is currently driving me crazy.

Ah…it stopped, now if my coworkers could just shut up I might get through this day….

Is it wrong that all I want is to be naked and curled up in bed? I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’ve put aside no time in the past month to really enjoy my new apartment. I haven’t cleaned it and made it smell like home. I haven’t taken a day to memorize the steps and rooms, I’m iddly fond of late night paces and not turning on the lights. 

With the weather set to take a nasty turn this weekend, I’m hoping to set aside Saturday to rectify this.

I guess I’m just bored, horney, mushy and temperamental today. I need a hug.

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