So you wanna be a domme?

lol, I have a friend that is desperate to be a domme. She is indeed quite obsessed with it.

Our conversations border on hilarious because she has no idea how to do even the most basic of things.

We’ve been just talking and not much else because we are each other’s therapist lately. She’s a string smart woman from a very strict religious background. She’s actually the first kinky woman I’ve ever met from that….religion. So I always have questions for her.  

She’s been sub to a man in the past and even now occasionally plays with a domish kind of guy. 

So I said make a list….lol, it was all over the place! It was vanilla and Bdsm and D/s and funny. 

So sir suggested flash cards. It’s funny, it reminding me of teaching a small child. So I guess later I’ll be making some flash cards. I can see the first one already picture on the front – hitachi- places to use it, methods ..etc.

I questioned Sir as to “why I need friends in this lifestyle.”….now I know some are just damn funny!

I told Sir, it could be nice to have my own moldable Domme. Someone that only knows my version of play….this is the one instance that I guess topping from the bottom might be a good thing. 

I still doubt the two of us will ever play. It’s not because of anything other than we get to wrapped up in talking and laughing that …. The time flies and then we part with a kiss, saying next time.

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