A case of the Mondays

i woke up an hour before my alarm, thought I was late. Then fell back to sleep. The alarm goes off and I think … Oh it’s sunday. So the day begins…..

Last night the munch was interesting. Not because of the people that were there. Aside from the organizer, we didn’t have any interest in socializing. It was the standard…one creepy guy,no…make that 3 creepy guys. One Dom with three bratty subs. Some really scary people.

The organizer is telling us a story of how this munch got started and that he had to do a mini battle with a domme (she was the prior munch organizer) as he is just finishing the story, he turns around and there she is. Now she was just like he said really old school domina. Must have been around 70, but still had that air about her that no one doubted she was in charge. Her very large male slave went inside to get her a proper chair. Poor guy must have moved it 4/5 times in 10 minutes. Also it was a vanilla dress code, yet she had him in a ….I guess it was his day collar, but it was tied so tight im still not sure how he was able to swallow! So yet again, it was good for people watching and that’s about it.

The nice part is that I had actual friends with me. A domme and a baby girl poly sub. All I thought was it sounded like the start of a bad joke…..a slave, a baby girl and a domme walk into a bar….

We had some funny conversations and we all agreed that is was interesting to have 3 woman of totally different orientations together. It was truley helpful to all…getting a different perspective. We were so engrossed in our own story telling and conversations that we stayed talking long after everyone else had left.

I guess that was the theme for the day, good conversations.

Back home and in bed around 11. Sir said I would get some good pain to make his cock hard and as always delivered on that promise. I fell asleep with my mind calm and quite.

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