No dead dogs here

So as she is known to do, this mornings little drama was an over reaction.

Turns out little cujo much like the woman that raised her has stomach issue and needs meds.

I on the other hand have a horrible headache and decided to take a half day.

Leaving the office early and taking a nap. I was getting u for the gym but my balance is crap and yoga will wait until tomorrow.

Tonight is the first time without Sir that I’m relaxing and having a Netflix night.

C is in the midst of a breakdown and won’t tell me.

Poor s is also having problems of her own.

It’s an emotional day all around.

lol, tomorrow I give my intro to Bdsm-domme edition lesson. I’m expecting laughs and not much more. I was telling Sid that is would be nice to have a service domme, just a friend that could come over, make me cry,cum and …. That’s it. It’s a nice dream.

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