Part 2-Saturday

i wake up a little fuzzy……

Hoping I didn’t make a total ass of myself and to my relief, s is next to me naked.

My mouth tasted like i gargled with cat littler.

My little dog jumps in her face and gives her a big wet good morning kiss(on my behalf).

Teeth brushed and dogs gone from the room. We kiss soft and sweet, turning needy and passionate. So many good moments of caring and connecting. I get fuzzy on the actions, but it’s never about the things that are done, it’s always about the feelings tied to them.

I remember looking at her and thinking how much I need to please her. Knowing how connected we are.

Making her cry and hit subspace caused such a skyrocketing need. 

Sir once said a good sub/slave can be a domme. It doesn’t make them a switch, it comes from the need to give and please. That was what I needed, I needed to take her and hold her as she floated. I need to feel her wet cunt and know that it was minein that moment. I was the reason she dripped and begged.

Then I need to give her me and show her that I could feel. 

As the morning continued we flowed back and forth, lost in a sea of pleasure.

Eventually back up….we had places to go.

A fun day filled with jazz in a beautiful setting.

Back home to have wine and dinner.

S and Sir spoke. I was instructed to plug for dinner. Both of us so tired but so joyful to be together.

I told sir we were exhausted and knew that a late night phone call would not be needed. 

That’s not to say I didn’t edge, lol, I can edge off of one dirty thought. 

We went through the toy bag….she took out anything she wanted to use and we fell asleep. It was the very first time I’ve ever feel asleep in another girls arms. It was tender and warm. 

I adore sleeping and cuddling with Sir, but this was much different. It’s hard to describe, but as I sit here a work I long to hug her and see her beautiful misty eyes. My cunt drips thinking of her tits touching mine.

Oh crap….full on cunt brain!!!

I have an hour to get my head back on and right now my clit is pulsing….so my next post must wait until later….after yoga when I am balanced and can think. If not it will be just all cunt talk…and that’s not what this is.

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