Self esteem

its a terrible thing what some men can do to your self esteem. 

Little r has an on going problem. Her db bf jerks off everyday. He gives her a hard time over sex. By that I mean, he wants her to dress up all the time. She for the most part compiles.

The last couple of times they’ve had sex…. He didn’t cum. There was forplay and as soon as she cums he stops. Yesterday this happened and she rolled ove and cried. He got pissed and stormed out, cursing.

Today is hr free friday, so we have a habit of being really open on our office with the comments. 

She was telling this story and work husband was confused. Typical guy… At least you came. Then suggested she see a sex councilor. I piped in and said… No it’s a shot to her self esteem. The what’s wrong with me am I unattractive?? He’s just fucking with her head.

So to any man wondering why beautiful girls think so little of themselves…. It’s because of men like him.

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