The return of….

the Mega period.

I was talking about this with a kinky girl a couple of weeks ago.

It some kind of syndrome you get after infertility treatments. The doctor told me out was normal, not to worry. Try to stay stress free. Sure, yeah, right, easy?

So I was floating in a twilight state in bed. Such a nice cool breeze coming in. I just couldn’t get up. Not like me. If my bed is empty as soon as the alarm goes off im out of it.

I looked at the clock, crap 15 minutes until my pilates ball class, followed by yoga. Damn all with no coffee first.

My gym clothes two feet away, I stand, I hemmorage and almost pass out. F$&@, now I have to clean this up….

All sanitary and back in bed. I’m going to steal 30 minutes to just relax, then off to get ready to see c and mom. So no stress in that, right?


7 thoughts on “The return of….”

      1. I don’t mind at all. I chose to do it in the office. A Valium was all it took. I had some cramping afterwards and took it easy over the weekend, but that was about it. Actually, I continued bleeding lighter and lighter for probably almost the next two weeks, but it has been 2 years now and I have had 3 very light, one day periods in that time. It has changed my life. I hope you find that kind of relief too. Please feel free to contact me or ask any other questions you might have. Good luck. 🌻

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