up and ready to go. A list of things to do and I’m pretty happy.

Speaking with her yesterday and our dynamic keeps flowing. It’s enjoyable to say the least. To be able to be a loving caring domme to her girlie side, then a willing sub to her more cruel domme side. We also spoke of planning a next visit. Just the … Acknowledgment of us both wanting that elevates my spirit.

Sir will also be in this weekend. It feels like forever since I’ve been used and cuddled by him, as our last trip, although full of adventure was not our norm. 

Happy news, I have a table again. A place to serve meals to those I care for. Also a place to comfortably work. Most importantly a place to kneel, I didn’t know how much it would affect me not having that safe place. Plus, hell…. It’s really pretty. Not a frilly pretty, but it goes with the new place and new me. I really hope to make beautiful memories attached to it.

This visit if the weather complies I’ll take Sir to see more of my new area. I think he will really like it and I’m sure I can get him good russian food that will remind him of his grandmother. 

So today is the last day of nanas week. The day I’m going to dig out her wedding picture and hang it in a spot so that I can see it everyday.

I’m sad she’s gone, but she suffered to long. I like to think that little r’s grandmother and my nana are hanging out in heaven… Drinking and smiling down at us. She came in with 3 rings that she inherited. I took one, it was a cameo exactly like one mans gave me as a young girl.

I look at it and smile, not knowing where the original went but loving that during this week something so similar was given.

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