Fetishing without friends

last night we went back to the nice space party. No one we knew was going. Strange because there’s a pretty large group of people that we associate with.

There were parts of the night that reminded me of a kinky high school dance almost. 

Sir likes to socialize so we had many odd discussion with people. There was the green nurse and the catholic   orthodox from Texas. They got him drunk as I was taking a little nap outside. The Doms assistant and his domme. Lol and we even talked to old subbie guy. Seems odd since we’ve both known him since the 90’s and never even said hi. Rug guy was there as always.

Lol the line of the night from a CHINESE school girl was I’d love to spank you but I have to pee on this guy first… As she was squatting over a pool.

It seemed much more comical in parts than sexy.

We had a nice long talk outside, both opening up about some things from our past that we held back prior.

I did get my cuffs and crappy purple vibrator back and that was great. They somehow ended up hidden behind a bar somewhere. I’m guessing whoever took it realized it was not money ditched it there.

The last time we were there there was a time that an extension cord really would have come in handy for the Brazilian and her Dom. So we had taken a seat and at the same time looked to our lefts to see….yup a buch if extension cords. It was a moment we both laughed and though now where’s the braxiliams and their hitachi!

I was pretty out of sorts and not my normal self. So no scenes but still every party and event is an adventure. The MTA made the entire night a challenge by having service changes all over the place.

The theme was back to school and I was going as the typical slutty school girl but do to some wardrobing issues ended up a librarian. A roll im much more comfortable with anyway.

I was just tired, the stresses of this week mounting I woke up and then said I’ll just nap a little longer and I opened my eyes to see its now the afternoon. Sir wanted to explore Bklyn but I think it may wait till another day.

Sir and I came to 2 conclusions one either we both drink or neither do and two we will seriously consider passing on parties if we don’t know anyone going.

This tired slave needs a shower….. 

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