Amusing myself

i listen to some really crappy music to get me motivated. Today…. Walking…. Pandora decided Stronger would be a good choice. I walked with purpose the entire time imagining chucking slow people out of my way.

Meetings again starting soon…. Longest short week ever. The morning was filled with screaming. Lol, I guess it’s the first day back to school nerves, but really why do you need to scream that loudly at your kids?

Had a nice chat with her last night, but I miss her voice. I could write a thousand words, but still not yet.

Sir had a little late night fun with some old pictures of me, reminding me why I moved. I think I’ll remember better once winter comes. Heat is a good thing and my hope is that the new place actually has some. The new radiators give me hope!

Well it’s that time again….. Off to boss people around for 9 hours

5 thoughts on “Amusing myself”

  1. Ha! I listen to I ❤ radio because it doesn’t use up my data at work. It never fails when one of my favorite songs is on and I’m into, one of the girls behind me taps me on the shoulder “heeeeeeey”. I’m like “Bitch what!!!!!!” I could help you boss people around. Send em my way 😊

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  2. 5 PM my ass! Friday can’t come fast enough. I swear it seems like I go to bed earlier and earlier every night. As soon as I shut my eyes, it’s morning again!

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      1. This has been the longest shortest week EVER!!!! First they scheduled a training, then canceled it, then rescheduled it. Come on people!!! Enjoy another long weekend yourself ☺

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