The address issue

my ex and I have lived seperately for ….. A while. 

He’s lazy and before the move I got all of his mail. I didn’t mind because it made it easier with the bills and insurance.

Yesterday I took a big step, called a new doctor and got all of my records sent over. They ask what’s the address? Damn, I asked him to change it!

Turns out it’s still the old one, so I’ll call him later. he called me first, receiving some mail from the dreaded IRS. He called and for once it was good news, they finally acknowledged I sent them money and are agreeing to the payments I’ve been making for months.

I told him I needed to go to the doctors and the address had to be updated. He asked what’s wrong, knowing me and that I avoid them at all costs. I explained one of the medications had thinned the uterus lining and I need to get it fixed. He inquired on how and in simple non descriptive language I explained. I told him it should be no problem as I can prove the infertility. He for the first time got upset. He showed emotion, that had never happened before. He said it’s not fair, you should be standing there with a baby in your arms, but not facing this…..

He cried.

I didn’t, numb to the whole thing.

He offered help in anyway, he even offered to take me for the procedure. I said nope, got it covered, no big deal. He laughed and said I know it is when you say that.

We hung up and I texted his ex. It was my stepsons first day of jr high. Lol, he was dead asleep on the couch. The little guy was so excited he woke up at 4am. She thanked me for asking, I guess a part of me knew my ex didn’t.

That life and it’s issues seem so far removed. In truth, I guess they’re not.

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