She’s full of grace

just off the phone with c. Both of us were concerned with how her daughter would take the news. He was more of a grandfather than anyone to her.

As she came through the door with her mother in tow, her daughter asked how is grandpa? No words, c just started crying and hugged her. She gently removed her arms and said….stop. Walked over to her nanny and held her saying how sorry she was. 

For a child on the spectrum, her reaction was…. More emotionally mature than words could describe. I told c you did a good job, I’m sure later she will cry, but she knew the real heart ache was not yours, but your mothers.

It’s going to be a very long weekend. There will be the first family fighting with the second, a no doubt split repast. 

Lol funny he had a liquor cabinet only an old school Italian could have, c took it all. She said shhh, don’t tell anyone, I took all the good stuff and even some of the shitty, you know, for the guests we don’t like! 

That may sound cold or odd, but our best memories of him were either at happy hour or vacation. The man knew how to have a good time. He lived a full life until just a month ago. 

So we decided to celebrate him, we will pour him a glass of the really good stuff he was saving for 20 years and sit out his last drink as we finish the bottle. I think he would like the thought of his girls doing that. We will give mom just a thimble full and tell stories long into the night.

One thought on “She’s full of grace”

  1. Children are so perceptive, aren’t they? One thing I’ve learned, and I learned it when my mom passed away, our boys were close to my mom, children are extraordinarily resilient. It’s amazing! And I think drinking the good stuff and reminiscing is a great idea!!

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