as a general rule both Sir and I get the birthday blues.

We originally had plans to meet up and celebrate today, but …… Instead I’m heading to the doctors with C. She’s getting a consult for her surgical biopsy with a new specialist and because of her stepfather a passing her mother is stating at her house. She decided not to tell her and it’s much better that way. 

I know with all this stress she going to fall apart at some point.

After the doctors will be a big family dinner. Think of it as catholic shiva. Food and wine and stories. 

Having said that I apologize in advance for any drinken posts I may write tonight.

I’m also working on a few nice things for next weekend. Little thoughtful surprises I think Sir will like.

I hope Sirs blah is not so bad. He’s told me he 100% understands that I need to be with c and her mom today, but I still feel bad im not able to give him a birthday hug and tell him I care.

Off to another meeting, fml, happy Friday and happy birthday!

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