this cold is sucking my ability to function. I walked in to a whirlwind at work, you’d swear I was gone for a week, not a night. I sound like I have tb and everyone is keeping their distance physically, but the emails are never ending.

I feel bad, Sir comes in tonight, I was hoping to wake up all better, but that didn’t happen. 

At this rate I don’t know if I can meet him or if I can even make it through my work day.

Then the holidays ruined a few of the surprises I wanted to get for him. I’m not used to stores closing for any holiday, but I’m learning where I live now is drastically different than where I came from.

I guess I’m adjusting. It was good that I was able to get myself to a doctor yesterday. In my old neighborhood I would have had to wait a week or end up in the Er.

Today I’m sad, just really sad. It’s the kind of sick that you just want someone to take care of you, bring you tea and soup and hold you. At least I can look forward to a good hug later.

8 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. Oh my God!!! I just noticed that pic is of Mitch Hedburg. I LOVE HIM!!!!! Such a tragic end to awesome talent. He cracks me up, no matter how many times I hear his stand up and jokes.

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