My poor feet

wow, the line to get in yesterday. 2 1/2 hours to get to the security check point to enter the park. We were in no longer than 10 minutes and the pope went by,

Everyone with cell phones and cameras except me and an old Italian lady. Is being to short to even try for a picture. We stayed on the top of a hill out of the crowd and got a good vanage point, enjoying the moment.

Before that we went to the museam of natural history. The female Brazilian works there and left us tickets. We did a quick round and met up with her for a few moments.

They are going to the party tonight and it will be nice to go to an event with friends again, as the last one was lacking without them.

Back home and cooking a nice meal for Sir. Since I’ve been sick there’s not been much play, but I was rewarded with many owes and his cock in my mouth. After he said I looked like I could use a bath. Wine, music and bubbles to take my aches away. By that time my knee was starting to buckle. We had a nice recap of the day and I brought out his birthday cake. Then off to bed.

Back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Oh good I almost forgot, we were sitting in 72nd looking at a lovely building taking pictures, when an old man stopped and was looking in Sirs viewer. Turns out he was a photographer for time life and prior to that a madator. Such a pleasent and interesting man. It was one of those weird random conversations that only occur in a setting such as yesterday. I think it made sir miss nyc even more.

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