Randomness… Fuck you and the horse you rode in on

one random moment from the play party almost forgotten.

I tied little r into my corset. Tight as could be. Dom b said something and asked her for a dance. Me knowing, them not, both are classical trained ballroom dancers. They danced a waltz, out of place, random and beautiful to watch. Each impressed with the other, happily surprised with each other’s talents.

I’m getting to the anger part with her. My many stages of mourning what will never be. Part of me wants to cut her off. Erase her. I know there will be a day I will forget, but I’m not there yet, so for now…. 

Time to work

Then back home to Sir. One more day before the shit hits the fan again. My one good thing, my mother went to visit family and at least I don’t have to deal with her for an entire week. 

2 thoughts on “Randomness… Fuck you and the horse you rode in on”

  1. I don’t know why, but I can’t like any of your stuff. It doesn’t give me the option anymore unless someone else likes it. And that, my friend, blows!!

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