Bloggers Recognition Award

Bloggers Recognition Award

The purpose of this award is to motivate and encourage bloggers and let them know that they’re appreciated, no matter how big or small their blog is. The idea is to share the love; so at the end of this post I will be tagging about 15 bloggers who I’d love to nominate!

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Start a new post. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Next, include a brief story of how and why you started your blog

3. Then, share some advice or “lessons learned” for new bloggers

4. Finally, select up to 15 other blogs deserving of recognition and list them in your post. Publish it!

5. Last but not least, let the nominees know you have nominated them and provide a link to the nomination details (the post you just published).

6.  Go back to the person who nominated you and leave a comment with a link to your acceptance of the award!

Thank you ananonymousoutsider, I have really enjoyed your blog and I feel that in the 21 short days you have put your thoughts and experiences in such a way that all of your readers “know” you.

I started the original blog as a way to get over an abusive BDSM relationship. More specifically to have somewhere to write that “he” would not be on the receiving end. My blog now, luckily documents a good, safe and sane relationship and all of my sometimes well thought out, but more often than not random thoughts and complaints about work, family and life.

Generally, no one should take advise from me, I honestly have little clue as to what I’m doing most of the time. The one thing I seek is balance, a reoccurring theme in my blog. For me balance my be something totally different than it is for another. So do what makes you happy.

I get such strength from my fellow bloggers and love the idea of recognizing them, so here it goes:

(disclaimer……I’m so sorry if I forget someone, so many of you out there are great)

The first blog I followed. She’s a tender soul and I find calm in her writing.

Great stories and always there for a supportive word.

Thank you for the laughs and a feeling of camaraderie, as we are both trapped in cubicle hell most of the day.

The world traveler and all around great person.

A new blog I’ve just started following, but I love it.

Always funny. Even when the topic isn’t

Amazing fantasies

When I need a good hit of sarcasm and wit. One of the most creative and intelligent bloggers out there.

Lastly I skipped #5…..I like the idea of letting the nominated find this as a happy surprise. Please share, follow and enjoy!

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