Writers block or just this damn cold?

again I stare at a blank screen, three in fact. This blog and my work. My brain is foggy and the weather matches my current mood.

More medical tests after work, then wine and movies with little R. At least it’s Thursday.

The one thing I do have floating in my head is the thought “I should want more”. Not sure in what aspect. Guess I figure that out in time.

Missing yoga, my balance is off. Hoping to feel better by my Sunday class.

15 thoughts on “Writers block or just this damn cold?”

  1. I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I need to go get my flu shot. Everybody in the cells are sniffing, snotting, and coughing. Be damned if I get sick. Sickos! Hope you feel better!!!!

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      1. Every time I get sick, I end up with pneumonia and stuck in the hospital because of my heart and my oxygen levels drop so low. The last time was in April and it was horrible!!


      2. I’ll wait until I’m dragging ass and about to die. Actually, I need to go anyway because I have meds I need refilled and he won’t do it until he sees me from when I was in the hospital.

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      3. Ugh!!! You have fun with the titty smashing. Seems like I read that you’re a Domme during work in a previous blog……


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