Too damn busy

wow…. This is not a normal friday at all. Too busy, then the fire alarms go off.

Finally back at my desk with only minutes to spare.

Last night I had such a weird dream. I drempt of vanilla sex😳

It was somewhere in the countryside with a guy I’ve known since a child. It was oddly really really good. Lol, but then as my imagination regularly does he became possessed by a demon and had no eyeballs. Lol, even my subconsciene likes to destroy beautiful moments.

I woke up so puzzled.

I’m really looking forward to a day of hibernation tomorrow. Little R will come over to help me sort through clothes and organize my winter stuff.

It will be nice not to wake up early.

One thought on “Too damn busy”

  1. If you’re like me, you’ll be up at the ass crack of dawn on a day you don’t have to work. I have to literally FORCE myself out of bed through the week. On the weekend, some days I jump out bed like a jack rabbit!!

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