Head status-full

i dreampt of work last night. I hate those stress dreams. I had lists, lists everywhere. Not all of them work related. My brain is trying to analyze “what next”.

New yoga teacher and possible friend last night. A good challenging class for both my mind and body. During finial meditation, she spoke of acceptance. That acceptance doesn’t make you weak, but rather strong. When you’re faced with adversity it talks strength to accept certain things are not meant for you and once you do that you can move on and create a happy life. I cried. Just hearing that. It set my brain into subconsciene overdrive and I think was the cause of my overnight list making.

Here’s some of this lists I can recall 

A task list for work

A phone call list

An email list

A list of selfemprovent

A list of house duties

A list of short term goals

A list of long term goals

A list (and this is the one I even laughed at in my dream) attributes I would like in a girlfriend😵 

Oddly I wrote the title, laughed and threw it away.


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