More lists

so last night I found myself doing an exercise with c and her daughter. 

I gave half a sticky pad to each. Told them to write what they think her daughter should do from the time she gets up until she leaves for school and from the time she gets home until bed and how long each action should take. A little thing I do with people at work that have bad time management skills.

We compared and discussed and came up with an agreed upon list and times on a white board that will hang in her room. We also set alarms on her phone to keep her in check, complete with messages from her mom like I love you, you’re doing great! 

The white board from me saying things like: before you leave you MF room do this. She won’t curse, so it makes her giggle to read it.

Turns out she is taking an hour and a half at tasks that should take a third of the time due to her ocd.

My cousin and I have had conversations about just this. It’s odd that when we were young, we were labeled “gifted”. If we were in school now we’d both be labeled on the spectrum instead. The ocd and inability to learn in a classroom environment were things we learned to work around. Instead of traditional schooling we both opted for a less hands on teach yourself approach involving many lists.

It’s funny because we didn’t grow up together, but did the same thing and ended up in similar career paths.

To this day I still take this approach, doing the majority of my work with no supervision allows me to succeed. That and a very time oriented morning routine. Example, if I start to do dishes in the morning, I’ll call out because I’ll end up ripping the kitchen apart, but if I do them right before bed and the skink is empty in the morning I won’t have that compulsion. These are things I have learned through trail and error to keep the order at bay. I was glad to help c start to show her daughter that “this” can be controlled and may also become a “good” thing.

5 thoughts on “More lists”

  1. I use to have severe ocd. I would leave my house and be convinced I didn’t lock my doors or the stove was on or the house was on fire. I had to eventually learn to break myself of those habits and “substitute” so to speak.

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    1. I say ( sometimes aloud) I am turning off my flat iron or I am locking the door. Lol, I only cook once a week when Sirs not around so the stove is mostly a non issue!!! It’s little tricks like that that get me out of the house. I still can’t break having to make the bed. I can’t get into an unmade bed. I will sometimes make it just before getting into it, even at other peoples houses. I can’t sleep in disorder. God, I really do have control issues too😂

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      1. Meeeeee too!!!! And I can’t sleep in a “hot” bed. I now have hair ties on my wrists and when I am feeling ocdish I will wrap them around my fingers really tight to focus on something else.

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