i really thought it was Saturday. 

My whole morning routine was thrown off. I had 25 minutes to get out the door, lol. I made it. I’m now drinking the coffee, so I can do the things, like talk.

Last night I ran around with little R, gymed, got home tired. Lol, got invited to a last minute orgy(damn swingers) at 11 pm over an hour away. There was no way just getting home from the gym at 9 with my period, that was going to happen. My friend that makes fucking machines also invited me to dinner, but like many, he thinks Bklyn is a small place and I live no where near where he was going.

So finally home and Sir wanted to play. It has been a very long time since I have even been near well enough. So clovers on and hitachi. In less than a minute I was begging. Total cunt brain. 

Fucking people…. No notice meeting. Brb….. I hate this. 

Oh this day!!!!

So after over 20 orgasms, the weirdest thing happened. I got energy, lots of energy. I set about completing a buch of little stuff all while talking to my cousin.

The only good part of this surgery is that I’ll be surrounded by the people that actually care after. Mom and c the first day. C said she’ll stay the night, knowing that the Meds will have me at a near sucidal state. Little R and my cousin the rest of the weekend and even a visit from female a on Sunday. I know Sir will be checking in on me. Lol, I even brought pjs last night, I think the girls will appreciate that.

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