My first ever fetish party “alone”

Not that I was alone at any part last night, but the first time I ever went alone. I met Aruba girl and her Fwb outside. Their first ever party. They or more like she was excited, I told her welcome to the rabbit hole. She embrase a it with only the enthusiasm she could. 

Within the first 5 minutes, she was naked with a very well known master putting her in full suspension. The brazillians were there and agreed I bring some of the funnest people to these parties. They asked where Little R was. She was spending a night home with her bf.

So the new party, great space, amazing crowd and….. No rug guy! No creepy latex man or old subby guy with the giant balls. It was odd, not even old guy alice  in wonderland or 300 pound baby dude. It was 90% non scary people. The other 10% weren’t even scary, just not my cup of tea. I kept thinking all night how much Sir would like it, roomy, lots of equiptment and sex positive. I also was sad little R didn’t come, she would have really loved how social it was. I have never ever laughed so much!

Ugh off to get ready …. This is going to be at least a three parter.

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