My first ever fetish party “alone”-part II 

after making sure Aruba girl was safe and securely floating in subspace (a short talk with her fwb to make sure he was ok and to tell him what to do if she freaked out).

Off to play with the brazilians. The first part very sensual and it’s odd she tastes like honey. Then to the cross, me being much more the sub to her sub, all going well until she said red. I heard it, the dm heard it, I thought he did too.He had stopped. I went to go get her ice. Turns out he changed implements and she had said red again, he didn’t hear and I was gone. Later both him and I felt like shit that the communication wasn’t better, but we learned. That was the first time I had ever been in a scene that a safe word was invoked. Now I know to confirm that everyone hears it.

Back outside and more ice for Aruba girl. By this time I was a million degrees, like a damn walking space heater. Why the no phone rule, I mean I get it, but really? So to the smoking room I go, the unofficial ok to use your phone place, with Aruba girl in hand. A call to Sir and I quick command of twist my nipple as hard as you can (very bossy cunt brain talk) Ugh, such a needed orgasm, she laughed and said she missed how well I cum.

Back to be social, laughs, jokes, more people both new and old. A friend from vanilla world (not at all new to the scene). She had a super intense scene we all enjoyed watching. Fet girl and her Dom were in a really good and fun head space. 

Off to another short meeting, why must work always interfere with mr life?

I’m horribly droppy today. I keep crying. I liked going to the party, but I missed Sir.

It’s a weird drop. I have so much in my head and I think the drop is actually helping me to not overthink all the other crap. I just want to be held. 

Little R promised she would cuddle me this weekend only if I agree to wear pajamas. She’s such a kill joy.😣

10 thoughts on “My first ever fetish party “alone”-part II ”

  1. I hate kill joys and fun leeches 😝 I am glad you got out and about before your upcoming surgery. I wondered if you would’ve taken this week off too. I probably would’ve to tie up any loose ends and then to be selfish and do me!

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      1. Ugh!! I hate that!! I should warn you do not get a cat. I am on a nicknaming roll. I have already named 2 people I work with. Stalker (and she knows it. I informed her that her time could be better well spent besides stalking me. She thinks it’s funny, I don’t) and Ninja Sniper. Please, for the love of God, don’t make me dub you “Crazy Kinky Cat Lady”. Wait……I like the sound of that 😉


      2. It does have a nice ring, but be assured I have two little dogs, no cats. Oh trust me….everyone has a nickname! I have a boss I call jigsaw. Going into his office can be like playing a game (saw style). I used to work in a place I called oz ( like the jail, not the wizard of)….. The list goes on and on!

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      3. Lol!! I was on lunch last week when a coworker plopped down and asked me what I was doing. My reply? Enjoying my last few minutes of rec time in the yard. No wonder you and I click so well. Now it’s time to play a game 😂


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