My first fetish party “alone” part III

So after some catching up and socializing, oh and some really great suspension watching, I had mention to fet girls Dom that I wasn’t allowed to cum. He said really, go call Sir and tell him I asked if you could and if I could give you a good spanking for being a good girl tonight.

So back into the smokers den I went, knowing full well he would say no! 

So as I knew no to the cuming but yes to the spanking. Lol, the first time we met was after a birthday spanking and he enjoys my public reactions. His sub is much different than me, very skinny, very bratty baby girl, always talks back (in a way he enjoys), very not me.

So into the front room we go. No one was there, but that didn’t last long. Aside from me it was a pretty quite party. Hands over the spanking bench and he started the warm up with his hand. We’ve played together a few times before, so he’s comfortable, but alwAys checks my tolerance. After 10 minutes I looked up and… Oops guess I was loud because there was a crowd at the door, the brazilians had started to play on the other side and fet girl came in to join me at the bench. Holding hands me the good pain slut to get brat, she coaxed him into the belt, then the yard stick, extra thick and left pretty welts and hurt like hell (in a good way) I was dripping and squirming and she was telling him it didn’t hurt until she was cursing. Then my “vanilla” friend said something like looks like fun at the door. I happily let her take my place and she made the “mistake” of cursing. It was a funny scene to watch and be in. By that time the lights went on. Aruba girl had left about an hour earlier. I said goodbye to the brazilians, goodbye to “vanilla” and waved as fet girl was getting playfully punished for her language.

I did notice some odd things with the brazilians. It was a sex positive party. Aside from a bj here and there, they were the only ones to have sex. They were opposite over to the side of the bench. As I was getting spanked they started fucking, she looked dead in the eyes, not subspace but dead. It was the most boring sex ever and that’s really bad because they are an attractive couple. I thought maybe it was just me, but even at the door the crowd had no interest in them at all. There’s much more going on in their relationship than what they show.

At the end of the night, I had a few options to get home, but decided to take the subway, I just wanted to be alone. Alone with my thoughts. I was a little dropped, but not too bad.

This morning Sir sent me an email that was what I needed to hear.

Sometimes I do just need to be alone and I’m learning, abit slowly that when I need to …. I can reach out.

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