How to freak out a doctor 102

in my head the conversation would have gone much differently.

I had 2 oppurnuties to speak with him. One with my mother sitting next to me, the other being wheeled into the surgical suite. So I chose the second. In front of 5 strangers, all of them that know c.

So when i broached the subject he cut me off. He said very clearly he’s been asked every possible question and the easiest answer is….. Drawing a line at his waist (by this time I was strapped onto the bed) no sexual activity from hear down, then he came over and said I see the faded bruises. He said we will follow up at the office in two weeks and discuss it more at that time.

I guess it’s a good thing to have a gym your own age that it amazingly non judgement. He chuckled and then said I needed to calm down, seeing the internal freak out I was doing. He rubbed my arm and said I was a good girl as they pushed the Meds through the iv and I was out.

I tried yesterday to tell Sir, but as promised my team of “nurses” didn’t leave me alone for a moment!

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