I know today I won’t have time to blog and… Yes Sir, yesterday’s was short and not my normal, so I’m loop holing this and it’s really being written the night before.

All comfy and cuddled with the smelly dogs, knitting your scarf. 

I’m pissed my body didn’t snap right back after the surgery. Everything I do takes great effort. 

But… Knock on wood, so far it’s worked. 

Busy morning and then I’ll head home for the afternoon. Looking forward to Friday happy hour, I could really use a drink, it’s been weeks since I’ve had a sip of wine in the house and I intend to remedy that soon.

I’d like to give you more, but I’m just trying to get through my work days and not stress myself out. Oh that and find work outfits that I can fit my poor swollen tummy into and not feel like I’m going to die!

I’m going to petition that all people that do yoga should be able to wear yoga pants to work, I think that should be a new rule in corporate America. 3 classes a week give you permission to dress in yoga clothes whenever you want! Nice dream.

Oh side note… I was wet all day, but not turned on or thinking of anything kinky, just my body saying, hey, still here, I’ll work right again one day.

4 thoughts on “Time ”

  1. I’m all for wearing pj’s to work at the very minimum twice a week. Just let me roll up out of bed, hair all ratty, brush my teeth, throw on flip flops and go! Two days a week, sweatpants, with the above concept. As far as your vag, it’ll always work. It’s the men that’s shit quits working 😂

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  2. That sounds like promising news (wetness): You hear some scary stories about that surgery sometimes so it’s good to hear that it’s all starting to go back to normal for you. And I don’t do yoga or own yoga pants (I tend to work out in shorts) but I’d love to wear squishy flexible stuff to work too. Sadly my job is work-branded catering blacks and apron. 😦 Still, MUCH better than some uniforms.

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      1. Eep no I’ll take the cookwear thanks!! I did a job with a dress code like that and I swear I spent more money on stockings than anything else!

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