I will elaborate 

bad news at work

Good news at work

More bad, one horrible…..

Looking forward to a drink. Not in the headed to AA on the fast rode kind of way, but more in the sitting comfortably with friends, laughing and unwinding way.

As all of this drama unfolds at work, I realize I’m wet, like really really wet. F$&k. I go and check and there’s blood. Funny because there’s no pain today.

So I call the doctor and we discussed in detail my issue. All good and it could happen over the next week or so. I also told him I’m really wet, not in a sexual manner but I’ll walk and do….a sort of baby squirt. He laughed, God he must think I’m a bit of a nut job. He said that’s ok too, the changes to my uterus are messing with my harmones. He asked if my weight is fluctuating day by day and yes, God, it really is.he said its normal, should stop by the end of next month. Great….awesome. I love going to sleep one size and waking up another.

Ugh, enough complaining. There’s more work to be done.

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