i have no idea what to write… Lots happened yesterday that ended with me in an urgycare.

My blood pressure is all out of wack for over a week and I need to just calm…the…fuck…down.

My brain is messy and do to my restrictions I can’t escape it.

The cramps are back and I’m feeling like hell. I wanted to do so much this weekend and 50% was my result. The shittiest thing is the fun stuff is what got cut. A vanilla then kinky costume party, I wanted to go to the movies today with little R. 

I’m also afraid of not being well when Sir gets here. He mentioned an event Thursday….,questioned what was going on Friday and then we have the parade and party on Halloween. I’m afraid even if I can muster up the energy to do all of this I may be a little less than pleasant to be around.

Ugh… Time to literally was the Grey’s out of my hair and bathe some smelly little dogs. I need to get at least that much done.

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