too much happened yesterday.

Work was a complete shit show. I get a urgent we need to talk about a big project I’ve been working on that went to review. 

Turns out the vp was on the same mood as me when she read it the previous night at 9 pm and didn’t look at any of the attached documents. Good thing, she admitted as much by the end of the meeting…… Ugh

Then to the doctors.

The squirting Is thanks to my Luna balls!!! He said think of a blister, it pops liquid, think of you had nothing holding that blister in…. It would just be water and that’s good. My very clenched muscles holds the water in until it can’t anymore and that’s why I think I’m squirting but I’m not, it’s my uterus healing.

He said im the one patient every 2 years that is just sensitive. Normally they admit and give iv pain killers but i insisted on going home. Totally don’t recall that.

Then the vet called… All tests came out great, little guy goes to get all of his teeth out today. 

All of a sudden a whirlwind of texts. Both c and my cousin, in different states at the same time get into car accidents. The cars are totaled but they are fine.

Back home to wrap up work. My old work husband asks if I wanna get a drink? I tell him laundry must be done, so we pick a place close to the laundrymat.

We worked together in 2 companies for over 10 years. He stayed at the last as I moved around, gained experience doing different things. He was promoted over and over and we ended up in lateral positions.

So we came up with a plan to get him the knowledge he needs so when a new position comes up in my department next year I can get him in.

We also laughed and talked about old coworkers and friends.

Back to the doctor… He said the wetter I am the better. He gave me an antibiotic because I complain of smelling like a whorehouse. Sometimes after the surgery the ph goes off and that happens. He also said no vaginal until after the Meds are gone, but everything else is ok and a happy side note, I can go back to yoga!

Home and waiting for sir to call. I had to try to find all of my toys that I had hidden very well. He chose the plug as it’s been forever since I’ve been used anally. I don’t remember much as I hit subspace hard, the second it went in.

My mind was calm, the stresss gone.

I sleep solidly for the first time in a month.

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