Hello monday

this weekend was too short.

My uterus hurts again and I now fear cumming. Lol, well not fear, but I need to learn moderation.

Sir and I had VIP to the Halloween parade and it was great to not get jumbled into the crowds. It was the first time me I just watched it and next year I’ll go back to marching.

After that we met up with the brazillians. The first party was a bust. Maybe 20 people there. It was good that he got to see the space. Sir knew I was suffering much stress and allowed me a nice spanking.

We left and headed to the second party to meet up with fet girl and bg. Much ….. More of a crowd, not better, but lively. I started to hurt, so no playing but lots of socializing. Sir and I had little time for food and after drinking with a russian guy, he was very tipsy. I being on Meds still was horribly sober. 

All of a sudden the male b comes over and says we are going…..drama and such in their relationship. I like to stay out of that. Sir likes to problem solve, guess that’s just another difference between a Dom and a sub.

We took the long journey home and even with the extra hour I didn’t get to sleep until after 6am. Four hours later I was up to check on the dog. By 4pm I thought it was midnight!

Now work then back to the vets again. 

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