To slightly better days

at least so far. 

I’m still walking like I have my knee caps on backwards from yoga. Aside from that I’m just drained emotionally.

All of my plans for the week and weekend are changing at breakneck speed. Some due to yesterday’s news, others due to the fact that one by one girls are dropping out of the plans I had put together for a girls night out. I’m not even upset because I just looked at my calendar and realized…..crap it’s November and I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet!!

I know what I’m getting Sir and little R, but no one else….. So I guess my cash will be better spent on holiday shopping than wine and fetish parties.

Other than that I’m just burying myself in work. Blocking out the world and wishing for sunny days.

3 thoughts on “To slightly better days”

  1. I don’t even want to THINK about the Holidays yet. Daddy and I were in the grocery store last week to get a few things and they had all the Thanksgiving stuff out. I wondered why…..then I realized it was November 😔

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      1. It’s just depressing in general. It’s cold, gray, ugh! It’s the time of year when you don’t want to get out of bed. Eventually I get into the spirit of it but it goes just as quickly as it comes.

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