F’ing drop

so we just hung up and I’m crying for no reason.

I woke up wet, really wet after clamps and hitachi last night.

I’ve been mushy, at work hardly moving from my chair because I’m wrapped in my electric shawl.

Talking on the phone to Sir, he asks why I’m blah. Lol then work husband flings a kit Kat at me. I took a bite and almost cried. My toes even tingled, that’s when I texted Sir that I think it’s drop. 

I just want to go home. I hate this feeling, I’m doing all I can to get through the day, warm blanket check, chocolate check, water check…..but I could really use a hug, a flogging then some lap time with some hair petting topped off by a nice “good girl”. 

I’ve wanted so badly to start feeling normal again and drop is part of it😣

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