It just hit me….

I figured out what my biggest kink is…. Ready?

 Now this is what makes my cunt drip and my soul sing….


lol, yes it’s what will alwAys turn me on. It’s what I miss even more than a good flogging.

And it makes no difference, man or woman. Just the closeness of a lazy Sunday naked and cuddling.

Anyone know of any pro-cuddlers??

Or how about service cuddlers?

I’ve had offers of nsa housework, and other things but what I really want is a cuddle partner! Accepting applications now 🙂

4 thoughts on “It just hit me….”

  1. i love cuddles!!!!!
    maybe not to the point i actually get wet but nothing beats being curled up with someone you want to be with…
    and nothing beats cuddles after a great session.
    i could definitely use a cuddle partner right now…
    something that’s always turned me on is the idea of a huge “puppy pile” type cuddle… that’s when i thought i could be poly… BUT that was before my Master found me and now i couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else cuddling with Him… lol
    guess i’m not poly!!!

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  2. a good cuddle is just as good as homemade chicken soup, good for the mind, body and soul. Yay for cuddlers!! I’d love to find a service cuddle myself. Do they have an agency? Well, if not, they ought to have one. 😉

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